Budget Shopping:

Plus Size Fashion For Less

by Yolanda Early

Budget shopping is a great way to get plus size fashion for less. Savvy fashionistas know that killer personal style doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re in the market for fierce clothes at bargain prices, here are some tips to help you out. Tip # 1- Plan. It gets you the most plus size fashion bang for your buck. Start with the plus size wardrobe essentials. Then, build out from there with classic pieces that are timeless, functional, and figure-flattering. Once you’ve established a foundation, add fun and trendy items as you see fit. Tip #2- Focus on quality. Budget shopping is about getting high caliber clothes that last for low prices. This is a long term strategy to saving. Poor quality items wear out quickly forcing you to replace them more often which costs more money over time. Make smart investments in your wardrobe.

Tip #3- Think ahead. When budget shopping, consider how an item works in the context of your whole wardrobe before you purchase it. The best buys are pieces that you can mix and match with several things you already own.

Tip #4- Always start with discounted merchandise. Make it a habit to check out clearance and sale items before you even look at the new stuff. You’ll find good deals, and you’ll be pickier about the regular priced items you buy. Don’t buy things just because they are on sale, however, quality and necessity should also be considered.

Tip #5- Make frequent purchases. This may seem counter-intuitive to budget shopping, but it’s not. It is easier to build and maintain a wardrobe one or two items at a time than it is to do it all at once. These purchases should always be strategic ones though. This is not a license to indulge any shopaholic tendencies.

Tip #6- Shop off season. Temperature changes mean new merchandise for retailers and great deals for smart shoppers. Add to your spring/summer wardrobe in fall/winter months and vice versa.

Tip #7- Use coupons and coupon codes. Many plus size fashion retailers put coupons in newspapers and magazines. If you shop online, use a search engine to locate the latest codes for the best discounts.