Five Clothing Details That Flatter the Full Figure

Written by Yolanda Early

Clothing details can make or break a garment. It is important for curvy women to focus on silhouette. To flatter a full figure, choose garments that have built-in shape. Look for features that work to your advantage. While body shape determines what looks best, here are five clothing details with virtually universal appeal for plus size women.

The empire waist-

The empire waist sits higher than the natural waistline. Some fall just below the bust while others fall a bit lower. This look lengthens the body making the wearer look taller and slimmer. This feature can be found in tops and dresses. Empire waist garments are ideal for camouflaging tummy bulge and thick thighs.

The peplum-

The peplum is a small overskirt added to the waistline of dresses, blouses, or jackets. Some designers use ruffles in this way as well. The overskirt or ruffle usually flares out from a fitted bodice highlighting one’s curves or creating curves for those with straighter figures. Peplums help define an hourglass silhouette.

Princess Seams-

Here’s another clothing detail that defines the hourglass silhouette. Princess seams can be found on the front or back of garments or both. The seams run down either side of the garment starting wide at the shoulder level, indenting at the waistline, and flaring out again to simulate the curve of hips. These seams ensure a close, smooth fit that flatters a full figure.

The A-line hem-

A-line dresses and skirts fit close to the waist and flare out at the bottom creating a silhouette similar to the shape of the capital letter A. This shape tends to work well for most figures. Bottom heavy plus size women can especially benefit from the a-line’s thigh trimming effect.

The v-neckline-

The v-neck elongates the body by drawing attention to the center of it. It opens up the chest and lengthens the neck. This neckline angles down from the shoulders, mimicking the shape of the torso, creating the illusion of a slimmer waist.

Look for plus clothing with one or more of these clothing details. Check product descriptions for these terms when shopping from catalogs or online. You’ll likely notice that the most attractive plus clothing incorporates these features in one combination or another.

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