Fashion Accessories

Every Plus Size Fashionista Should Own

Fashion accessories are a plus size woman’s best friends. They can be used to jazz up simple silhouettes, to add trendiness to classic styles, and to express personality. Choose the wrong ones and you’ll look dated or boring. Make the right choices and you’ll look chic and fashion forward. However, just like wardrobe essentials, there are some basic shoes and accessories you should keep in your plus size fashion arsenal.

Dangly earrings- Plus size women tend to have fuller faces. So, the most flattering earrings for these women are ones that slim and elongate the features. Go for drop style earrings and narrow chandelier types.

A bold necklace- No dainty jewelry here! Curvy women can pull off bolder, statement making necklaces that are chunky and bright. Try a long layered look. Have fun with it.

Sunglasses- The diva of all fashion accessories, nothing adds mystery and sex appeal to an outfit like a great pair of face-flattering sunglasses. Choose a pair that works with your skin tone and your wardrobe.

Black heels- Black is the most versatile color in fashion. So, invest in a good pair of quality heels in this color, if no other. They’ll match everything you own.

Flats- Every full-figured woman needs shoes that combine comfort and style. Heels are great, but they aren’t always practical. Keep several pairs of stylish flats on hand for such occasions.

A handbag for day- This is one of the most important accessories because it tends to get a lot of use. Make sure your handbag is functional in style and color.

An evening clutch- A casual purse just won’t do when you’re all dolled up! For nights out and special occasions, carry your key items in a dressy clutch that adds pizzazz and polish to your look.

Bracelets- Bracelets are fun and simple fashion accessories that can be used to add color to any ensemble. Bangles are an especially smart choice because they are typically inexpensive and easy to find.

A fashion belt- Not just for holding up pants these days, the right belt can take an outfit from blah to wow. Plus size fashionistas use them to define their waists, to add color and contrast to ensembles, and to express personal style. Include at least one in your wardrobe.

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