Low Rise Pants:

Why They Don't Work for Plus Size Women

Written By Yolanda Early

Low rise pants have been popular for quite some time now. And while they are readily available in plus sizes, plus size women should stay away from them. Uh oh, a blanket statement! Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but most of us are not the exception. Typically, this look works best for women who are slender or have a boyish figure. Sure, some full-figured women look okay in this style. But why look okay when you can look fabulous? If you’re still not convinced, here are four good reasons to avoid low rise pants. This look:

Causes overexposure.

Butt cleavage. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyway. We’ve all seen women of all sizes in low rise pants with way too much hanging out. No one wants to see your thong and plumber’s crack is neither attractive nor stylish.

Shortens the leg line.

Clothes that flatter make you appear long, lean, and shapely. If you’re already long and lean, then your only concern is shape. If you’re thicker, your clothes need to do a bit more, and these pants don’t do much. Wearing pants that are cut so low only makes a plus size woman look stubby.

Draws attention to the hips.

Dressing well is all about the art of illusion. You play up your best features and you downplay the ones that you want to keep under wraps. For a woman with a boyish figure, highlighting the hips adds curves that she may not have. For a full-figured woman, even one with squarish hips, this effect typically works against you.

Puts added emphasis on the tummy.

When a plus size woman wears low rise pants, especially ill-fitted ones, weight gets shifted around. This often creates lumps and bumps that aren’t flattering. Hello muffin top! If you carry your weight in the midsection, then this style doesn’t offer the coverage you need. Even you have a fairly flat stomach, this look can make it seem larger than it actually is.

While this style may not be the best option for plus size women, this is not a license to break out the mom jeans or the granny pants. Go for classic or medium rise pants instead. Avoid tapered legs, pleats that add weight and jeans in outdated washes. And if you still choose to wear pants that sit low, just make sure they fit well and cover what needs to be covered. Keep it classy.

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