Michelle Obama:

What Plus Size Women Can Learn from Her Personal Style

By Yolanda Early

Michelle Obama has quickly made her mark as a fashion icon. It’s no doubt that our First Lady has impeccable taste. Her personal style is bold, glamorous, and sophisticated. Yet, it’s still youthful and accessible. Michelle makes it look effortless, but it’s not. Her choices are thoughtful and yours can be too. Here are five things plus size women can learn from her personal style.

Get comfortable in your own skin.

Michelle Obama has a commanding presence, but what demands so much attention is her self-confidence. You never catch her slouching or trying to hide. Plus size women should take note. Make no apologies for being yourself.

Dress for your stature.

At 5’11, Michelle is not a dainty woman. She capitalizes on her size by wearing bright colors, bold prints, substantial jewelry, and heels. These things work for full-figured women too. Use your curves to your advantage.

Structure, structure, structure.

I have yet to see the First Lady in anything overly frilly. She wears clothes with clean lines. Her garments have lots of seaming and built-in shape. This is a great example for plus size women. Flimsy fabrics and frilly clothes typically don’t flatter larger frames.

Mix and match high end and low end pieces.

You don’t have to go broke to have head-turning personal style. Michelle Obama is known for wearing not just designer clothes, but more affordable brands like J. Crew as well. What’s most important is the style and fit of a garment, not what you pay for it.

Follow your gut.

Intuition is one of the best fashion tools a woman has. The First Lady is no slave to trends. She takes risks and she does her own thing. She often chooses obscure designers when she can have her pick of the most talented and famous ones out there. Michelle wears what she likes. Her look is modern and current, but uniquely her own.

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