Plus Size Fashion:

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid

By Yolanda Early

The plus size fashion industry offers a variety of great clothes. The problem is that many full-figured women don’t know which clothes flatter their bodies and where to find them. So, they make fashion decisions based on magazines, other people’s opinions, or negative feelings about their figures. Here are seven of the most common plus size fashion mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Mistake #1-Hiding the body-Extra weight makes many women feel self-conscious. Full-figured women often try to deemphasize their curves. They wear clothes that are boring or ill-fitting, so as to not stand out.

Solution: Make your curves an asset rather than a liability. Avoid pieces that are too big or too tight. Wear clothes that skim the body and emphasize shape. Focus on silhouette instead of size.

Mistake #2- Ignoring or being unaware of body shape- All plus-size bodies are not the same. What works for one curvy gal won’t necessarily work for the next.

Solution: Learn what works for your body type, know your proportions, and dress accordingly.

Mistake #3-Clinging to a certain size-Many plus-size women will only buy clothes in the size they think they wear. Unfortunately, that size doesn’t always fit. So, they give up on an item that could be perfect for them.

Solution: Be flexible. Sizing in plus-size fashion varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Think of your size as a range rather than a specific number. Go up or down as needed.

Mistake #4- Focusing on trends-Trendiness has its place, but it should not dictate everything you wear. Buying every “it” item on the market doesn’t contribute to building a great wardrobe. These pieces have short shelf lives and are often unflattering.

Solution: Develop your personal style. Invest your time and money in quality clothes that showcase your figure and your personality.

Mistake #5- Shying away from color-It’s a well-known fact that the black has a slimming effect. So, many plus-size women become overly dependent on the color. Their wardrobes quickly become drab and boring as a result.

Solution: Use color to your advantage. Choose hues that match your skin tone. Wear them in a way that balances your proportions. Try the monochromatic look.

Mistake #6-Shopping offline only-There is an abundance of specialty shops that carry plus-size women’s clothing. Department stores also have sections for plus-size women. However, the variety and caliber of clothes available in these stores isn’t always great.

Solution: Shop online too! The internet has revolutionized the plus size fashion industry. Many of the best plus size fashion lines are only available online. You have to become a little net savvy to find the best of the best.

Mistake #7-Shopping too infrequently-Wardrobe building requires adding new pieces regularly and getting rid of old ones. If you only shop every few years, then chances are that you haven’t accumulated what you need and that what you do own is likely outdated.

Solution: Advances in plus size fashion are constant. Add pieces one or two at a time. Shop at least every other month to keep your wardrobe functional and current.

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