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Note from Yolanda


Despite the wacky weather changes, it's officially spring! Things are a bit greener and livlier, and the pollen is everywhere here in the Atlanta area. Warmer weather means wardrobe changes and our guest article covers what's hot for full-figured ladies this season. Enjoy and talk to you soon!


Stylish Words of Wisdom

“Know first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.”


Featured Article

Spring 2009 Fashion Trends For the Plus Size Woman

Spring 2009 Fashion Trends For the Plus Size Woman
By Marie D Leggette

If you are a Curvy Fashionista, then you are already looking to what is going to be HOT for Spring 2009. As we look through all the "Fashion magazines" and top "Fashion websites", while shown on our straight sized sisters, trends for spring are looking fabulous and are so wearable for YOU. While some of the trends may be a bit over the top, us plus size women can sport these trends and wear them with style!

With the help of Fashionising, I have highlighted and tweaked the hottest Fashion trends for the spring that allow for your "Style to define your Curves!" As each designer launches their Spring's line, make sure you subscribe to see how this translates to your curvy frame! In addition, keep posted for the Spring's Accessories trend watch!

Here is an overview of these trends:

1. Sexy Sheer and See Through Sheer fabric is back in full force as one of 2009 fashion trends. Spring's sheer pieces range from a mixture of soft and feminine, to the opposite of the downright sexy. While it may sound intimidating, this trend does not mean tight, see-through tops, and dresses many times associated with lingerie. This season represents sheer fabrics used in the most elegant and creative ways from layers to amazing draping. So, for Spring, be daring and bold in sheer and see-through trend to keep you demure and flirty.

2. One Shoulder Wonders Splashed all over the runways and a continuation from the Fall is the one shoulder wonder! From single-shouldered dresses to tops and bikinis, the one shoulder wonder is interpreted within almost every Spring fashion trend. For the confident woman, your legs and breasts are often the highlight of your outfit, but if neither is your strongest feature or you desire something a little less obvious but equally tantalizing, show off your shoulders and treat your curves to the one-shoulder trend. Do not forget your perfect foundations that will enhance and allow your curves the proper support!

3. Fringe and Flow A trend revitalized from the Fall of 2008 was the fringe and flow trend. Dominant on almost every runway, Fringing was shown modern and sleek or silken and feminine. Fringed dresses in particular should be on every curvy fashionista's to-buy list this season. Because fringing can easily look costume like, the item you choose to wear must be strategic. If you have amazing legs, aim for a short fringed skirt. If you have great toned arms, go for an amazing dress or top. One word of advice, pay careful attention to buying quality fabrics that shimmy, shine, and drape well. Avoid those that gather and bunch together. This is not a good look for anyone!

4. Greek Goddesses If you were to mix the sheer, fringed, and one should trend together, you would easily find this trend entwined all over the fashion runways. This trend works well as both a maxi-dress or as a short little one. Thanks to this trend, this is definitely one that all divas can flaunt their curves in. Again, because of the flow of the fabric in this trend, a Fashionista must be careful in the quality of fabric chosen to work this look. The wrong fabric can cheapen the look, or cause the outfit not to fit well.

5. Swimwear With Spring's bathing suits, all you curvy fashionistas are going to show up fashionably styled, thanks to the amazing trends! What swimwear pieces are hot? Any suit fashioned with the year's one shoulder fashion trend, cut away pieces, or one encrusted in another trend- jewels. Whether you head to the pool or the beach to swim, tan, or socialize, Spring's swimwear and its accessories will allow you to be the Curvy.Confident.Chic. Diva we all crave to be. Not sure what to accompany your amazing swimsuit? Anything sheer!

6. Dangerous Curvy Cutaways Not for the shy or demure Curvy Divas, the cutaway fashion trend showcases and highlights the female figure in a sexual and sensual fashion. From the classic keyhole feature on the back or chest to the downright sexy and revealing, cutaways find itself on the maxi dresses to swimwear. For the Confident and Chic diva, pay careful attention to where and how the cutout is placed. With strategic placement, YOU can be fashionable and chic!

7. Enviable Encrusted Jewels Gracing the runway were frocks adorned in precious stones, glass, and crystals. This trend did not discriminate to any specific item. This trend found itself on evening gowns, jackets, day-dresses and accessories. This season's trend is brighter, bolder, and more elegant than seasons past. With no shame and definitely not your mother's or grandmother's sequins you remember, expect to find pieces that are not just embellished as a highlight, but completely encrusted by jewels. For you, each jewel-studded piece should be a statement of its own. No need to accessorize your outfit let it stand out on its own.

Now while there are many more trends that you are sure to see around, these seven are the ones that YOU, a Curvy.Confident.Chic. diva can wear with ease and panache! Should any more trends pop up, be sure to subscribe to stay tuned for which curvy designers are going to be highlighting these trends in their Spring Collections.

Keep it Curvy!

Marie Leggette is a fashion blogger with over ten years in the retail, fashion world. As a plus size woman herself, Marie Denee is determined to bring high-end fashion to the discerning curvy (plus size) shopper.
The Curvy Fashionista
Never let your Curves define your style- Let your Style define your Curves

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