A Professional Bra Fitting- Why YOU Should Get One

Written By Yolanda Early

Why get a professional bra fitting? Because good plus size bras are essential to the wardrobe of every full-figured woman. They are the most important pieces of shapewear a woman can own. Bras provide a great foundation for plus size clothes. They lift and shape the breasts while adding definition to the torso and the arm line. The wrong bra can give the appearance of extra pounds. Or it can make it seem like your body’s been overtaken by gravity. Worst of all, you could get that pointy torpedo look that Madonna sported in the 1990’s. Getting a professional bra fitting can help you avoid these pitfalls. Still not convinced? Here are four more reasons to seek expert advice before buying a wardrobe of plus size bras.

1. Believe it or not, most women are wearing the wrong size bras. Their cup sizes are too big or too small. The bras ride up because the bands are too big or they pinch because the bands are too tight. Right now, this very minute, breasts all over the country are drooping or constricted or roaming. Don’t let yours suffer the same fate.

2. Weight fluctuations. Every time you have a weight loss or gain of ten pounds or more, your breast composition may change. This can affect the way your plus size bras fit. So, don’t just assume that there’s been no change.

3. Your measurements could be off.(You did take measurements,right?) Now, many women will say “I don’t need a professional bra fitting, I can measure myself or have a friend do it.” This is true, to a certain extent anyway. Self measuring rarely yields accurate results, and unless your friend knows what she’s doing, hers probably won’t be much better.

4. You get recommendations specifically tailored to your needs. Do you know how deep or shallow your cups should be? Do you know the best way to put on your bra? Do you know which hook to use? Perhaps you answered yes to all those questions, but it’s also possible that your responses are completely misguided. Or maybe you didn’t even know these are questions that should be asked. (I didn’t.)

Most of us don’t get any actual training on how to choose the bras we wear. If you did, then lucky you! It’s more likely, however, that you got a training bra at a certain age, and then moved into adult sizes without much discussion. So, some expert input is likely long overdue. Have a professional bra fitting to make sure you buy the right plus size bras to flatter your curves.

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