Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah is easily one of the most visible plus size women in the entertainment industry. For years, this multitalented renaissance woman has been a pioneer, trailblazing her way to stardom. She was one of the first female rappers to make a mark. She had a successful sitcom and a brief stint as a talk show host. Latifah became a bona fide movie star, receiving critical acclaim for her role in Chicago, and never looking back. As accomplished as The Queen is, she gets a profile on this website for her unapologetic acceptance of her body. The star’s Jenny Craig Campaign was even geared toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle rather fitting into a certain size. She’s definitely a role model other full figured gals. Her personal style is…


Considering Latifah’s multi-faceted background, it’s no surprise that her personal style is just as eclectic. She can do every look from super sexy and feminine to tomboyish and hip-hop. She switches it up to suit her mood, but The Queen’s look always fits the venue and activity.


Not afraid to take a risk, Queen Latifah stands out. Whether rocking a sassy haircut, sensational sunglasses, or a vivid print, she never fails to make a statement. And it usually says, “Look at me,” but not in a cocky way. This full figured celeb oozes confidence. Can you really call yourself a “Queen” without it?


This plus size celeb ages like fine wine. As the years go by, Queen Latifah adds more polish and refinement to her repertoire. With all the flashing lights and red carpet moments, you just have to step your game up and, of course, this woman rises to the occasion.


Here’s a lady who has learned what works for her body. Plunging necklines, wide leg pants, corset tops and dresses. She’s truly mastered the rule of fit.

Designers of Interest

Bradley Bayou

Carmen Marc Valvo


Queen Latifah picture 11

Why It Works

Queen shows her sexy, flirty side in this form fitting animal print dress. The plunging neckline with a little peek-a-boo bra action could be risqué for some, but Latifah pulls it off with class. She accessorizes the look with gold bangles, a sensible clutch, and open toed heels in black.

Queen Latifah picture 33

Why It Works

All dolled up! Check out The Queen in this formal gown. The color works well with her golden brown skin tone. The simple burgundy halter dress is nicely accessorized with a gold cuff and dangly earrings. Practically effortless!

Queen Latifah picture 40

Why It Works

Queen Latifah looks pretty, polished, and chic in this ensemble. She rocks a skirt in a fabulous underrated neutral, gray. The blouson top has an open neckline and is accented at the waist with a rope belt. Simple, but bold accessories top of this two tone look.

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