Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez is beautiful and super talented. This Tony Award winning actress currently costars on the hit tv show Grey’s Anatomy. She plays Callie Torres, a self-confident doctor with a hectic life. Usually decked out in scrubs on tv, Sara’s real life wardrobe is worth coveting. Her personal style is…

Bold and bright.

This woman loves color and she isn’t afraid to make a statement! You won’t catch her wearing blah colors to blend into the background. Think sexy reds, cheery yellows and passionate pinks. Sara wears a lot of jewel tones which work well with her complexion.

Body conscious.

In a town where being waifish is the norm, having curves could be a real downer. But that’s just not the case with this bombshell. Ramirez plays up her voluptuous figure with clothes that suit her body. She’s never dowdy or overly exposed. This celeb goes for well fitted garments that create flattering silhouettes.


Sara Ramirez spends a good deal of time in curve-hugging dresses. In doing research for this page, I rarely came across a picture of her wearing pants. And when she does wear pants, her tops are always quite womanly with cinched waists and open necklines. Her sense of personal style is well developed. Her looks are consistent. She knows what looks good on her body.


With all that curvy femininity on display, one can’t help but appear a bit sexy. And Sara takes it to the max! Down to show some skin, she does not back away from cleavage-baring necklines, bare arms and shoulders or exposed legs. Ramirez usually sports a pair of fabulous heels with her ensembles. Her hair is full and often has that tousled look.

Designers of Interest

Angel Sanchez

Max Azria

David Meister

Sara Ramirez Pics

Why It Works

Here Ramirez rocks a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. Very feminine. The waistline is clearly defined which accentuates her curves and slims her figure. This gorgeous shade of teal looks great with her skin tone.

Sara Ramirez Pictures

Why It Works

Sara Ramirez flaunts her beautiful body. This red dress really turns up the sex appeal. It has built-in shape that emphasizes the hourglass silhouette. The cinched waist, tapered hem, and detailed hips scream “All woman!”

Sara Ramirez Images

Why It Works

This sleeveless wrap dress looks impeccable, yet effortless. The open neckline shows off the cleavage while the bow emphasizes the narrowness of the waist. The print is fairly subtle, but large enough to work for Sara’s frame.

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