Plus Clothing- Add a Pop of Color to Your Outfits

Written By Yolanda Early

Color is a key element of personal style. Plus size women need not be afraid to venture away from neutrals or dark tones. The colors you choose to wear speak volumes about your personality. Bright yellows may signal cheeriness while reds can signal confidence. Color can express your mood or personality. Not to mention, wearing color is just fun. So, move over black and navy. Here are five simple ways to add a pop of color to your outfits.

The shoes. If you are stuck in neutral land, it’s time to set yourself free. Blacks and browns are great practical colors, but you only need a few pairs in these shades. Colored shoes are modern and fresh. Plus size women can add a bright shoe to almost any look to spice things up.

The belt. If you haven’t noticed, belts are lot more fun these days too. We are far beyond the times of the utilitarian belt to hold up your pants. While belts are still good for such use, they’re also good for adding that extra something to an ensemble. Belts come in all kinds of styles and colors. Play with the different ones to find out which ones you like best.

The scarf. Here’s an easy way to add a pop of color. Whether it’s a solid color or a print, throwing on a scarf with a monochromatic or neutral palette brightens up your face. You can even wear it as a belt if it’s long enough. Experiment with different ways to tie the scarf for even more fashion appeal.

The handbag. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, oh my! Nice stuff, but you don’t need these labels to get a great purse in a fab color. Your purse should always complement what you’re wearing, and therefore, it should not be an afterthought. Full-figured women can use this accessory just as playfully as any other.

The jewelry. A set of bright bangles, a statement necklace, a pin, a pair of drop dead gorgeous earrings. The possibilities are endless. Jewelry is the least practical thing in a wardrobe. It is all about adornment. So, why not go all out? Try every color in the rainbow and beyond.

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