Fashion Icons: Get Inspired!

Fashion icons are people who exude personal style. They often follow their own rules and create trends. Famous icons influence fashion and popular culture as a whole. Think Marilyn Monroe in her white halter dress or Michael Jackson and his one glove.

Now that plus size women have more clothing options, your wardrobe can be functional and expressional. If you’re unsure what you really like, take a closer look at what you like on others. When you admire someone’s personal style, it’s usually because it’s a reflection of your own. So, whose style do you admire most? We’ve all known someone who always looks great. And we’ve all seen an outfit and thought, “I wish I could pull that off!” Use these moments to tap into your fashion sense.

Make a list of your fashion icons and describe what it is that you like about each of their looks. Your icons don’t have to be famous and they don’t have to be other plus size women. They just have to inspire you to look your best.

Here’s a list of my fashion icons....


Whether blonde or brunette, classy or edgy…Madonna always keeps us guessing. She is the mother of reinvention. Her style is ever changing. She never gets stuck in just one look. And that’s what I love about her!


Aaliyah debuted on the R&B scene with a style all her own. Her classic beauty was never obscured by her hip-hop tomboy clothes. As she matured, her look became more feminine. But the impact of her baggy jeans and overshirts, midriff tops, sunglasses, and bone straight hair remains. She inspired me to define my own look.

Jackie O

Known for her tailored suits and sheath dresses, Jackie O was always impeccable. Her style was simple, chic, and classic. She wore clothing with clean lines. Her makeup was never overdone and hair was neat. She always looked well put-together.

Queen Latifah

In the early years, Queen Latifah was all hip-hop. But then, she morphed into an Oscar nominated actress. As her career progressed, her style evolved from baggy jeans and t-shirts to casual chic and evening gowns. She’s remained true to herself over the years, never giving into pressure and boldly flaunting her big beautiful body.

Angelina Jolie

Beauty meets badass. I love, love, love this woman! In movie roles and in real life, Angelina is the perfect blend of classy and edgy. Her free spiritedness is evident in her numerous tattoos and the way she lives her life. Do what you want to do, be who you want to be and make no apologies for it. Satin or leather, rugged or elegant, she always looks fabulous!


Considered the first plus size supermodel, Emme is a pioneer in her field. At a size 16, she’s broken many barriers in the fashion industry. Classically beautiful and proud of her curves, she represents health and beauty in every size. Emme’s been on People’s Most Beautiful list twice. She teaches unconditional self-acceptance. Her clothes are always body conscious and figure flattering. Go Emme!

So, what does all this mean?

No, I don’t dress like any one of these women on any given day. But I do use the basic principles that I learned from my fashion icons to guide my wardrobe. I like pretty, but not too pretty. I like neat, but not too neat. I call my personal style edgy classic adventurist. I love the look of simple traditional elegance, but I also like to blurr the lines with color choices, funky accessories (especially hats), patterns, fabrics, spiky hair, whatever I’m feeling at the moment.

Define your style...

Once you’ve written down what you admire about your fashion icons, look for themes in the descriptions. Then use those themes to get clear about your personal style. Write a description for your own look. And give it a name that you love!

3. Make fashion fit your lifestyle.

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