How to Choose Prints That Flatter the Full Figure

Written By Yolanda Early

Wearing prints is a great way to brighten up boring outfits or spruce up drab wardrobes. There is an abundance of plus clothing in all types of prints. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices available. Many plus size women avoid them altogether because they don’t know which ones really work for them. So, here are some steps to help you separate size friendly prints from the disastrous ones.

Step 1

Honor the gravitational pull. Nothing speaks volumes about your personality like the prints you choose to wear. How many times have you seen someone in a print that looks fabulous on them, but you’d never wear it? Happens all the time, I’m sure. Pay attention to what you naturally gravitate towards. Let it guide you.

Step 2

Avoid juvenile or scary color combinations. While you want to look youthful, you don’t want to look childish. Prints that incorporate too many primary colors have the tendency of looking elementary or harsh. Think twice if all the colors in one design are neon or pastel too. Go for styles that mix and match color tones for a more sophisticate look.

Step 3

Evaluate the size of the pattern. Plus size women are often told to match the size of the print to their stature. I agree with that, at least partially. Tiny prints can make you look bigger than your actual size. However, I don’t think it’s necessary to only wear humungous ones either. Full-figured women can rock prints that are medium in size to extra large. It’s a matter of preference.

Step 4

Consider the background. Darker colors are slimming. So, naturally, designs with darker backgrounds are as well. That’s no reason to rule out patterns with lighter backgrounds, however. You should always factor balance and fit into the equation. If you’re equally proportioned, then either can work just fine. If you are top or bottom heavy, then wear darker printed garments on the larger parts of your body and lighter printed ones on the smaller parts.

Step 5

Experiment. Size is not a limitation unless you make it one. The old “stay away from horizontal stripes” adage is outdated. Horizontal, vertical and chevron stripes are all fair game. Try plaids or geometrics if you like. If floral designs make your heart beat faster, then try that rose printed skirt. The overall fit of the garment will always determine whether or not it is flattering. The print can only accentuate what’s already working for an item or detract from it.

Bonus tip- Choose quality fabrics. Leave the shiny polyester prints where they are. If it looks cheap on the rack, it’ll look cheap on you too. Look for bargains on well made pieces instead.

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