How’s Your Self Image?

Photo by Alex Bramwell

Your self image physically manifests as personal style. What you think of yourself…how you define yourself… becomes evident in what you wear. If you don’t feel good about yourself, it shows. If you only shop for comfort or quit shopping years ago, it shows. If you’re on the bottom of your own to-do list, IT SHOWS!

Confidence is key to looking your best. Not just confidence in how you look, but confidence in your abilities and who you are. Do you think…you’re good at your job? A good friend? A loving spouse? Do you like your body? Are you attractive? Do you trust yourself?

These may seem like odd questions, but self image covers what you think of the whole of who you are. And those thoughts translate into behaviors.

Maybe you avoid colors because you want to blend in or hide your body. Maybe you wear heels because they make you feel powerful. Maybe you avoid sleeveless tops because you don’t like your arms. Or maybe you wear jewelry because it makes you feel special. Whatever your fashion choices, they are directly linked to how you perceive yourself which influences your personal style.

Many women struggle with esteem issues and plus size women are no exception. Though plus size women’s clothing has improved over the years, the pressure to lose weight has not eased up. We hear it from the media, health care providers, the billion dollar weightloss industry, even family and friends.

Regardless of any of these messages, you get the final say in how you perceive yourself. So, be good to you! Love yourself unconditionally. Accept your big butt, soft belly, chunky thighs or whatever body part annoys you the most. Love them just because their yours. For tips on how to improve your self image, click here.

2. Take a cue from your fashion icons

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